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Michelle Rodriguez returns in “Resident Evil: Retribution” as a Clone

Michelle Rodriguez had a significant role in Resident Evil 1 as one of the members of the Umbrella Special Forces Commando unit, Rain Ocampo, who was sent down to the hive to contain the infection. She ended up dying. ((which was sad for me cause I personally like Michelle Rodriguez. She’s a great actress. She’s also the only hispanic actress I’ve seen in awhile, that hasn’t been forced to use a terrible fake Hispanic accent for fame. *ahemSOPHIAVERGARAahem*))

So yeah, she was infected and zombified by the end of the movie.
but now, Umbrella has used their cloning technology and put it to great use.

They brought back their Special Forces Commando Unit for one reason and one reason only, to FUCK ALICE’S SHIT UP in Retribution.

Only difference with Rain Ocampo and the other Special Forces Commando Unit, is that she has two clones. One Clone that’s working with Umbrella, and another that is with Alice.

"Good Rain" and "Bad Rain" sorta deal. sounds cliche, but at the same time pretty cool.

So i’m guessing Michelle has a somewhat significant role yet again. Best of Luck to her. Personally, I can’t wait for Retribution.

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